Issuing Refunds for Multiple Shipping Address Orders 📦

Since orders going to multiple addresses begin with a single checkout, with all of the shipping and tax detail included in a single order, the actual transaction or transfer of money stored in Shopify is associated with this ‘parent’ order.

The process to refund an order or part of a multiple shipping address order has two steps:

1. Calculate the refund amount from the recreated ‘child’ order(s). These orders will be tagged with “ms_fulfillment_order”, alongside a reference to the order that is was created from in a tag starting with “created_from_“.

2. Navigate to the original order (in this example case #1001) and issue the refund for the calculated amount:

You may also want to cancel or refund portions of the recreated orders in order to keep your reporting and inventory accurate. So, for example, order #1001 was placed and had 2 addresses, which caused order #1002 and #1003 to be created.

If order #1002 arrived damaged, and needed to be refunded, first go in to order #1002 and refund the full amount, specifying that the customer does not receive the notification.

Then, in order to actually refund the customer’s card, navigate to to order #1001 and refund the portion of this order calculated from the refund amount of order #1002, ensuring that the customer does receive a notification by keeping the “Send a notification to the customer” box checked.

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